December 19, 2014

My Top 3 Books in 2014

One word: obsessed. For someone who barely has time to get past the first page of a magazine, let alone a whole book, managing to devour this book in just a couple of days was nothing short of a miracle. I absolutely love Erin's blog and she stays true to her style in this masterpiece as well. Not only is her book full of great advice for anyone interested in interior design and decorating, she adds a very personal touch, something you don't often find in books of this genre. 

Every page of this book is swoon-worthy. Greg's style is luxurious and polished, but he offers invaluable expertise advice and inside to the sometimes seemingly glamorous world of interior design. This is a great coffee table book! 

This is such a beautiful book and full of inspiring tips for successful entertaining at home. I love how achievable and welcoming Camille's style is. There are plenty of recipes, styling tips and other useful advice. Great gift even to bring along to a host or get inspiration for your own party. I love it!

December 01, 2014


It is time to start preparing for Christmas again. They say "the days are long, but the years are short" and this year that has been exactly the case. We are keeping the decorations minimal again this Christmas, tucked away from curious little hands. I doubt I'll get a chance to do much baking, but a couple of treats are still a must. Like these traditional puff pastry tarts filled with prune jam for which you can find an old recipe right here.

November 30, 2014

Shop Small Business!

Shop small this Christmas! 

My online shop has a wonderful selection of handmade items from small businesses in Finland and Sweden. 

Most items are now discounted, visit for all details. Happy Shopping!

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November 15, 2014

DIY Copper Napkin Holders

I've been sucked in to thinking that the silly season is just around the corner and a quick glimpse at my diary tells me that is in fact the case. I love planning different table scape scenarios; textures, colours and all the little details, including napkin holders! I grabbed a stack of copper plant labels from a near-by hardware store, thinking they could make fun gift tags. I might end up using them for that purpose as well, but for now they will serve as super-stylish napkin holders. 

What you need

Copper plant labels (mine are from Bunnings, pack of 10 for $3.23!)
A hole punch (just a regular will do, these labels are thin and soft)

Simply punch a hole on the other end of the label (they already have one hole), loop the label around the napkin and tie up using the copper strings. And you're done! 

October 30, 2014

Wild for Wallpaper

Here's an idea I've become a little bit obsessed with of late: wallpaper in our hallway. This room is (obviously) the point of entrance in to our apartment and one I'd like to make a bit more interesting. It's a smallish space with beigy-grey walls (this colour, to be exact) and off-white/cream build-in cupboards and a desk. I am not sure why choosing the perfect wallpaper to cover just one wall in this space feels like such a major commitment. Also, if you've ever searched for wallpapers you know what a colossal task it is; there are literally thousands to choose from with a huge variety of prints, textures, finishes and colours available. I feel dizzy just thinking about it.

When I was little, my parents let me choose a wallpaper for my room. I remember how I loved browsing the big folder with wallpaper samples and how fascinated I was with all the pretty patterns. I ended up choosing a light pink paper with white clouds on it, not such a bad decision even if I think back to it now! For our hallway, however, I think I have to go with something a bit more mature than that; elegant and timeless even.

I don't want anything too colourful or bold, that's just not our style. I also don't want the print to be too small because I'm afraid that in such a small space it might end up looking too busy and clustered. I am drawn towards grey and metallic prints, like this ones from Florence Broadhurst

I have been absolutely obsessed with Erin Gates' new book 'Elements of Style' (more of that later) and amongst a ton of inspiration I saw this beautiful Katie Ridder 'Leaf" wallpaper covering one wall of a powder room Erin designed. 

Another grey, but very classic design is this one by Sandberg. I think this is going to go on to my Top 5 as it is definitely timeless and one I can't see myself getting bored with anytime soon. Porters Paints here in Sydney also has a good selection of classic designs, along with Eurowalls (their Nordic Home collection is especially pretty and not just because of the name!)

Hygge & West have a great collection of wallpaper, including prints by Rifle Paper Co. Very on-trend, yet classic, like this grey 'Diamante' by Laundry. This print to me is borderline busy, so it might not be a real option, but something to put in the 'someday' files.

And then there is Vallila. They have some really pretty floral prints, but how cools is this one! I know, it's not exactly timeless (or is it?), but there's something so whimsical about it that I love.

The search continues! I will give you an update when I've made a decision, but it might take a while! In the mean time, please let me know of any other great sources of wallpaper and I'll add them on to my (long) list of bookmarks - thanks!